Start discovering leads in minutes

Start discovering leads in minutes

Keeps track of prospects, customers, competitors and new opportunities 

Trendbytes AI recognizes real opportunities for your business (unit)

You’re done researching. Start the action!

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Keep track of prospects and customers

We know you’re busy so Trendbytes lets you connect your CRM in seconds and possibly get the first lead ideas in minutes. Trendbytes does all the heavy lifting of researching, filtering, and evaluating relevant signals so you don’t have to.

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Competitor News

Monitor competition

It’s never a good idea to focus on what others are doing. But it is a good idea to be in the know of new commercial offerings or partnerships in the market. Even if you’re on top of the game, which if you read this we believe you are, Trendbytes provides peace of mind that nothing gets under the radar.


Get quick results with Signals

News, events and new legislation are sources of opportunity but it’s hard to keep track and spend time on the right information.

Trendbytes AI aims to deliver only relevant, actionable information.

If you are working for a service company, you can create proposals for your clients that are based on the signal. CRM and market information are leveraged to generate new angles to approach leads, upsell and cross-sell.

For production companies, signals are aimed to improve your business (unit). Most users get a mix of both signal types.

Trendbytes continuously updates its AI to provide signals that are custom to your business (unit) and usage.


Prospect lookalike companies

The market box used for prospecting is usually based on limited public information like size, industry, headcount, financials etc.  Trendbytes fully automatically identifies companies that have similar needs as your customers based on their online footprint, conversations, mentions and interactions with companies. You’ll be able to define a specific proposal, idea or present a relevant use case that has a much better conversion than shooting wild.

Public Tenders

Get public contracts

Being a supplier to the government can provide size and stability. Trendbytes aims to select the tenders that are most relevant to compete on and prioritizes them so you can judge more quickly what to spend time on.

Distributed Affliate Network

Your sales force our network

For sales reps having conversations with prospects every day, it’s common to discover needs they can’t fulfill themselves. These insights typically get lost. Use the network of Trendbytes to list your services and products to make sure sales reps pass it on to you. Just define what a lead is worth to you and only pay when it’s valuable. Trendbytes makes sure leads are submitted only once and tracks the success rate of each participant.

We are working on an Enterprise version with multi-user, multi-role functionalities. Please enquire if this is relevant for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trendbytes support multilanguage?2021-03-31T15:10:48+01:00

Yes, but currently only for its analysis and AI algorithms.

For the algorithms, we focus on Dutch, French and English. We will support German, Spanish, Italian and Polish mid 2022 and aim to support all western languages by the end of 2022. The roadmap after that will become clearer during 2022.

For the UI, currently, it is only available in English.

Do you have a refund policy?2021-03-31T15:16:56+01:00

Yes, of course. When you’re not happy, we won’t take your money, period. Each paid order can be refunded within 60 days of the purchase. A refund is 11 or 10 months of the selected package, depending on when you request the refund. Please email service@trendbytes.com.

Is there a package that is not billed yearly?2021-03-31T14:35:43+01:00

At this time, for each client, we choose to initialize and train the AI network to provide the best results for your business (unit). The alternative is that customers need to spend some time to train the algorithm themselves. This is still partly the case, but the main work is done by the Trendbytes team for each client after onboarding. In practice, each account gets 1 additional month after the first year because we don’t charge the first, untrained period. To make it worthwhile for us, we need a minimum of commitment from you. Don’t worry, this guarantees you have the best experience and we also have a refund policy if you are not happy.

What are the limitations for the size of the CRM?2021-03-31T15:18:06+01:00

There are no hard limitations, however the Trendbytes (+) package is capped on 1000 tracked CRM companies because of the resources it takes to monitor large sets of data. Trendbytes will attempt to limit tracking to the 1000 most important companies. However, it may make sense to scale up processing power in your Trendbytes installation. This does not require technical effort from your side, but will be billed at €10/month per 500 CRM tracked above the selected 1000. Don’t worry about it, we will get in touch if it would help the performance of your account.

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